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Piper: SC dog with pipe on his head is now free

Piper is now free of the pipe
Oconee County AC/resident

According to animal control officers and residents in the Westminster area, the dog with a chimney pipe on his head is now free. Fox Carolina News reported the good news May 19.

The dog, dubbed 'Piper,' had been elusive for the past week since he was first spotted in Oconee County, showed up Monday morning without the pipe.

Animal Rescue Foundation began rescue efforts mid-week, using volunteers, animal control and veterinarians who eventually set traps and coralled off a portion of woodland in the mountainous regions where Piper and a female dog friend were spotted.

Efforts will continue Monday to try and catch the dogs, who will need vetting and spay/neuter. A spokesperson for animal control said they have gathered additional supplies to help with his capture.

Animal control is asking everyone to keep the area clear, so as not to frighten the dog, as Piper is only familiar with a few who have been feeding him.

One person has has helped care for Piper has expressed the desire to bond with the dog, and it's hoped Piper (and his female friend) can be socialized.

No one knows how Piper ended up in the area. Like with many upstate areas, people often dump their pets in the country rather than taking them to the county animal shelter. Abandoning an animal is illegal in South Carolina, and people are urged to bring their unwanted pets to the shelter.

No one knows how Piper got the pipe off of his head, but witnesses state the dog had a big steak in his mouth.

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