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Pipeline protest results in arrests Sunday

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An environmental protest of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline extension resulted in arrests in D.C. on Sunday. The protest began at Georgetown University and marched through Washington D.C. to arrive at the White House. There activists staged a symbolic oil spill while others tied themselves to the White House fence.

Estimates say that nearly 1,000 people were involved in the protest with several hundred arrested. Arrests were made due to protesters tying themselves to the White House fence as instructed not to and "blocking the sidewalk." While protesting may be a constitutionally protected right, apparently any method of making a protest effective is still grounds for arrest.

The protesters were, by all reports, orderly and in good spirits. They erupted into cheers upon learning that their activities would soon lead to arrest. That is, after all, the only way a protest will make the news these days.



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