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Pipe screams – Can Chinese toddler’s head stuck be rescued from pipe?

A small child’s desperate screams can send chills up the spine of grown ups and this had to be true for Chinese rescuers who worked feverously to rescue a toddler who’s head was stuck in a pipe, reported Fox News. As one watches the video it is clear the most important matter the responders have is to bring relief as soon as possible to the frightened child.

Another Chinese child survives being stuck in a pipe
photo credit - Times Live

Meanwhile somewhere in China is the First Lady Michelle Obama with her kids and mother in tow trying to rescue something that is not broken and repair something that does not need to be fixed. She is going to visit Chinese schools on a mission of ‘not-needed-butt out’ diplomacy or otherwise known as a week’s vacation for her and her daughters.

Maybe if the first lady is watching the rescue of the young toddler from the pipe she can gain some idea on how rescuing children from the Chicago ghetto streets can work with teamwork is employed. Ohh… that would imply that she cares.

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