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Pinterest & Instagram Beginner Marketing Techniques

Pinterest and Instagram Marketing
Pinterest and Instagram Marketing
Pinterest & Instagram

Many business owners believe that social media marketing is not important to them or their companies, yet this further than the truth. Social media marketing is key to running a successful business online and in todays marketplace not having a website means you are already behind your competitors. You need to build a strong following on social media sites where your target audience is located. For many this can be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, FourSquare, etc. This list is endless of social media sites to select from; the key is finding the sites with your audience and properly approaching them.

If you come to find that your target market is on Pinterest or Instagram there are some key factors you can take into consideration when marketing to you audience. Remember that with these two social media channels it is all about the imagery. Taking clear, sharp, beautiful pictures will lead to others following and sharing your pictures with others. Make sure your images are an easy size to share, which typically ranges from 600 to 900 pixels. It is always good to round up to a whole number, as Google likes to pick these images up and include them in the Google image search results pages.

Write a good description. There is no limit in length to your image descriptions, but remember that the first 200 characters are shown and the rest is after a click more button. This means put your important information at the top of the description and below that you can post has tags and other keywords to get you found. Hash tags are keywords, but with a # symbol in front of them. This makes it a clickable link that leads to everyone else who added a similar picture. By adding multiple, relevant hash tags to your images you will gain many new likes, comments, and shares.

Remember to spend around 30% of your time posting images and 70% of the time engaging with others. What does engaging with others mean? Like, comment, share, and follow users that have similar interests as you. Try and connect with top influencers in your niche as a share or mention from them of you to their followers can result in rapid growth for your brand.

Always fill out the profile until it is 100% complete. Having a blank or missing aspects looks sloppy and unprofessional. Include your website URL and contact information so others can find you directly on your site.

In essence this is just the beginning to properly marketing a business on a image sharing site such as Pinterest or Instagram. Remember to always engage with others and to take crisp, clear pictures, as this is what powers these social networks. There are many SEO tutorials and seminars to help business owners learn how to master social media marketing.

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