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Pint glass class

In college and often in high school, we gain our first tastes of beer. These tastes usually involve room-temperature Bud Lite, red cups and ping-pong balls. As we mature to more refined brews to sip, we must also change the way we drank. No more table tennis balls covered in dust, no more binge drinking, and most importantly, no more Solo cups.

According to, there are about 10 different types of beer glassware: flute, chalice, pint, mug, weisen, tulip, stange, oversized wine, snifter, and pilsner.

The most common glass to be found is the pint glass, also known as a Nonic, Becker, or Tumbler. The American Tumbler holds 16 ounces and the Nonic holds 20 ounces. The Becker is the German equivalent of the pint and tapers at the top.

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