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Pinot from Edna Valley Vineyards focuses on enjoyment

Edna Valley Pinot stands the test of quality wines
Edna Valley Pinot stands the test of quality wines

Edna Valley Vineyards, located in the beautiful California Central Coast’s rolling hills, has created a delightful Pinot Noir. The 2012 Pinot is full of ripe flavors, accenting the best of the grapes of the region.

Edna Valley is near unique in its location and geographical setting. With a physical location close to the Pacific Ocean (5 miles from the sea), it is a valley which runs not the normal north to south but rather east to west. This orientation allows the cool ocean breezes to permeate the area and funnels fog from the coast directly into the valley. Hence it is a cooler than normal growing area when compared to the surrounding valleys.

The grapes for the Edna Valley Pinot Noir were hand-selected from Olsen Ranch in the Santa Lucia Highlands and the Paragon Vineyard in Edna Valley itself. These grapes allowed for the final product to be one which can be enjoyed for several years.

After uncorking, the Edna Valley Pinot expresses itself in a characteristic Pinot fashion. Its earthiness brings to mind the origins of the land, and the light hint of cola on the nose foretells the taste to come. The taste seems to be full and the tannins are light enough to not overwhelm you, but are there, ensuring a long finish.

Harvest was after a typical coastal growing season. With a normal marine influence, the grapes were harvested late in the season, allowing the berries to gain full flavor prior to harvest. The long and almost ideal growing season allowed for more growth and the vines were full of prime fruit.

Picking during harvest was done by hand and was done only during the coolest part of the day. The grapes were sent in small batches to the winery for further sorting. At the winery the berries were destemmed and sent to fermentation as whole fruit. After fermentation the wine was drained and lightly pressed so as to retain the maximum of flavor-filled juice.

The Edna Valley appellation is Central Coast and the primary area for grape selection was the Edna Valley. This wine has a slightly elevated alcoholic content of 14.1%, but drinks as if it was much lower.

Have a winederful day and enjoy the 2012 Edna Valley Pinot Noir.

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