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Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day 2014

Thousands of people across the United States and Canada will don pink shirts on Wednesday, Feb 26, as part of an annual international bullying awareness campaign. The goal of the Pink Shirt Day bullying awareness campaign is to announce that there are ways to stop bullying and to empower people to stop bullying across the board at work, home, school, in our communities and online.

Pink Shirt Day 2014
Kimberly Bower

Pink Shirt Day originated in 2007 at a high school in Canada. According to a Globe & Mail article, teenagers David Shepherd and Travis Price witnessed a ninth-grade boy being bullied for wearing a pink shirt on his first day at the school. Their response was quick, bold and creative. They got together with friends and they all wore pink shirts to school the following day. The ninth-grader was supported and the bullies were never heard from again.

There are many complementary bullying awareness campaigns. One program, Project Bully-Free Zone, founded by Traciana Graves discusses the three-fold nature of the problem. There are those who bully, the bullied and the by-standers. All play a roll. They report that 18 million students are bullied every year and estimate that over 42% of teenagers and college students are cyber-bullied. The sad news is that bullying doesn't end at school. Over 53.5 million adults report that they have been bullied in the workplace. For this reason, the focus of Pink Shirt Day has expanded beyond the school walls.

One of the primary sources for information about the Pink Shirt Day Canada event is CKNW News Talk Radio. Their PINKSHIRTDAY.CA Facebook page currently has over 23,600 likes. Another high-quality bullying awareness and prevention resource is the Erase Bullying website, maintained by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

What color are you wearing on Pink Shirt Day 2014?

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