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2014 Winter Olympics

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Pink gives Olympic move on TV? U.S. Figure skating points out a ‘Level 4 lift’

Pink gives an Olympic move on TV
Pink gives an Olympic move on TV
U.S. Figure skating/Twitter

Pink had the U.S. Figure Skating body impressed on Sunday night and she wasn't even on the ice. The national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States obviously was watching Pink’s performance during the Grammys. What impressed the figure skating community was that Pink provided a move that is seen on the ice rink and the celebrity did it perfectly. Not every star can offer a moment that could be used in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

“Who saw @Pink with the Level 4 lift last night at the Grammys?” tweeted the official U.S. Figure Skating governing body Monday morning on Twitter. The move was cool to those fans who loved Pink and her music, but her skill being pointed out by skilled athletes is epic!

While everyone knows that Pink is definitely a strong performer and that she is no stranger to the routines seen in the gym, what is surprising is how this lift might be added to programs used by athletes in the future. The impact on the figure skating world isn't small and some athletes agree it might be the lift used next year in programs.

Did you see the lift? While it’s typical for an athlete going to Sochi to know this move, but for a star it’s different. Perhaps that’s why the figure skaters who represent America are so impressed!