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Pincushions to knit and crochet

Let's get straight to the point. The pin point that is. This is just the place to keep those pins. "50 Pincushions to knit & crochet" by Cat Thomas will have you never misplacing your pins and needles. Stash your sharps in something cute and handmade.

Mr. Bear
St. Martin's Griffen
Cat Thomas
St. Martin's Griffen

The book includes written instructions as well as a graph format (crochet symbols are explained). The forward shows how easy it is to navigate the patterns. Large clear pictures of each pincushion makes it difficult to decide which one to start with. Also joining, stuffing and embroidery stitches are demonstrated in line drawings.

You will find the patterns are whimsical, traditional, floral, Scandinavian, interesting stitch work, fun and fruity. You will want to try many of these patterns? 'Round and Around' is a crochet pattern of a sphere with embroidered lazy daisy stitches. Filled with rice, this would make a great little hacky sack. 'Ice Blue' is a dainty, classic cotton crocheted motif appliqued onto a linen pillow, with a cotton chain stitch border. 'Stellar' is made of a purl cluster knit stitch. The stitch easily mastered can be filed into your bag of knitting stitches. Welted knitting is perfect in 'Deep Water'. It has the look of waves and the color placement compliments the striping.

This is a great little book when in need of a quick (stashbuster) gift. They would also be nice filled with potpourri. Try attaching a clip to 'Scaredy Cat' or 'Mr. Bear' and the other end to the babies pacifier. "50 Pincushions to knit & crochet" is more than a pincushion book. Use your imagination.