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Pinball Gremlins Pinball Machine

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Pinball Gremlins is a new original pinball machine that features everything you like about pinball. Built with industry standard parts you can trust, Pinball Gremlins features multiple orbits, three ramps, pop bumpers, slingshots, and new features. Plus it incorporates new proprietary technology that we think will really improve the game. Full color DMD display, plus LCD screens within your field of view allow you to follow your progress better than ever before. The one thing that separates the Pinball Gremlins from the rest of the pinball machines is it’s unique game modes and features. Our focus is on making the shots and combos incredibly fun, while providing for a deep ruleset that builds gradually as you play. We are creating entirely new game modes, targets, and features.

Pinball Gremlins has all your normal pinball modes, like multiplier buildup, hurry up shots, and your main game modes. The perks include the soundtrack, VIP release party or be a character in the game and of course limited editions of the game. The sound comes from Midnight Syndicate. They also have plans for additional game mode development.

Gremlin Attack: On the playfield gremlin hands may come out and attempt to grab your ball or block shots, while the DMD shows a gremlin attacking your score. To stop your score from being lowered, you must complete the necessary shots, despite the on playfield interference.

Vonnie D Pinball is an independent start-up pinball manufacturer and the vision of two pinball enthusiasts dedicated to bringing pinball to the next level. We are located in Columbia, Missouri and hope to revolutionize pinball with new and original designs

You can support the project here on Kickstarter and find out more here



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