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Pimp your wine

Pimp your wine
Pimp your wine

The holidays are here. There will be gatherings, parties and celebrations from now until New Year's Eve. Along with these festive acts of celebration will be food, wine and fellowship. Everyone wants to make a good impression at these events and I'm sure you are no exception.

When hosting a party, the last thing you'll want your guests to see when they walk in, is a plain naked bottle of wine sitting on that fancy decorated table of yours. So I think it's time we "pimped your wine".

How do we do this; accessorize. We start off by adding a festive scarf to your wine bottle or a chain bottle charm. Nothing says "pimped" like a little bling! Next let's toss out the traditional cork screw and replace it with an Electric Blue push-button cork screw. Just pop that sucker on the top, push the button and out comes the cork. Now top off your bottle with a "no more drips" Vaci Vin Lucite Wine Pourer. Bam! Pimped!

Sitting beside your wine you can add a Vinturi Aerator. Vinturi is on the cutting edge when it comes to wine aerating by mixing just the right amount of air with your wine to bring out it's best flavors.

Now you need a wine glass that just screams, "look at me, look at me". Try the Fusion Infinity Wine Glass Collection. Fusion has perfected the latest in upscale dining and elegance. Add a wine charm to your glass and you will be sitting pretty.

If you are a guest and bring wine to a gathering, please oh please, don't just stick a bottle under your arm and walk in. Fine wine should travel in style. Give that wine luxury accommodations when traveling, with a Genuine Leather Wine Tote.

There are many other ways to pimp your wine as well, however, there are some that you should avoid. The tumbler, that squatty stemless thing; and a wine holder. The last thing people want to see is the wine they are supposed to drink sticking out of a Santa head or precariously balanced on some kind of wire contraption.

There you have it, pimped in style. These accessorizes make great Christmas gifts also and can be found all around the Charlotte Metro area, in places like The Wine Shop, Total Wine and Wine Maestro.

If you can't get into the swing of pimping your wine, make sure the wine can speak for itself. Yeah, bring out the good stuff!

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