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Pimp sues Nike because he wasn't warned that a shoe could be used as a weapon

On Friday, the Oregon Live reported a story about Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, a pimp who filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Nike. The Oregon pimp is currently serving a 100 year prison sentence. In 2013, a jury convicted Clardy of second-degree assault for brutally beating a john that tried to leave a hotel room without paying. The jury also convicted Clardy for beating the 18-year-old woman he forced into prostitution.

An Oregon pimp is suing Nike because they failed to include a warning that Nike Jordan's could be used as a weapon.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The convicted pimp used a Nike Jordan shoe to beat the john, which required the victim to need stitches and facial surgery for his wounds. Clardy claims that Nike should have included a warning label that the shoe could be used as a weapon.

During the trial, Clardy, shouted out expletives at the judge, prosecutor, and jury members. Also, a psychologist declared him a psychopath who would continue committing crimes if released. Nike hasn’t responded about the story as they haven’t received the suit. Read more about this bizarre lawsuit at the Oregon Live website.

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