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Pilsung Extreme Challenge is a leader building success

On Saturday, May 3, Pilsung ATA Martial Arts hosted their annual Pilsung Extreme Challenge Event, inviting the entire community into their school to experience the power of martial arts to build great leaders. The event is designed to accomplish three key goals; build community through the practice of martial arts, build the next generation of leaders, and begin the process of honoring local school teachers.

In this picture is the "early risers" group... These are the participants that participated in first event at 9 am.  More students and friends would join in as the event progressed.
In this picture is the "early risers" group... These are the participants that participated in first event at 9 am. More students and friends would join in as the event progressed.
Brian Myers
A Community Event held, free of charge, by Pilsung ATA Martial Arts
Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

Twenty four students and friends, along with their parents, joined the staff of Pilsung ATA Martial Arts for a fun morning of challenges and opportunities. The Pilsung Extreme Challenge, or PXC, is a series of four martial arts based challenges designed to introduce new students to the fun of martial arts and challenge current students to new heights of accomplishment. Testing the kids’ speed, power, creativity, and endurance, the event produced lots of laughs and personal bests in performance.

During the PXC participants were also challenged take steps to make their lives better. They took part in a bullying prevention class and taught the skills needed to become an AGENT G, a Defender in their schools. The kids enthusiastically engaged in the interactive video training while their parents watched. A powerful program, the AGENT G Bullying Prevention Training is just one way Pilsung consistently reaches out to help their community.

Students of Pilsung were also given an opportunity to take the next step in their training by joining the school’s Leadership Program. Four students chose to take that next step and joined, looking forward to their first classes in the school’s Leadership Club. These classes are designed to build strong community leaders, fitting perfectly into the mission of the school.

Finally, during the event every child, whether participating or simply watching, was encouraged to nominate their favorite teacher for a special recognition event to be held at Pilsung later in the month. Each child was given the opportunity to fill out a small card with their favorite teacher’s name and tell the staff why that teacher was special. Pilsung Staff will be hand delivering an invitation to each teacher nominated later this week.

The whole event was built off of the idea of learning to face “challenges” and make the most of opportunities. When asked, Mrs. Myers, the Owner and Chief Instructor, expressed her belief that the event was a great success.

The event itself is a fun and free way for students to challenge themselves in fun contests. The students showed a great display of athleticism, perseverance, & goal setting. [I am] very proud of winners & all who participated.

On top of everything learned by those present, two lucky students also won special weapons autographed by ATA Grand Master In Ho Lee. Challenging the children of their community to be “ATA Strong”, ready to stop bullying and be strong and smart leaders in the community, the event delivered on all of its missions. All of this packed into a fun and free community event!

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