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Pilot status unknown in crash of F/A 18C Hornet in Nevada

F/A 18C Hornet-Arabian Sea
F/A 18C Hornet-Arabian Sea
Navy Photo, released

Rescue crews have yet to reach the crash site of an F/A 18C Hornet that went down yesterday, Mar. 1, in the rugged western mountains of Nevada.

The Navy has not identified the pilot or released information that indicated the ejection capabilities onboard the single-seat fighter jet were deployed.

The mission originated at a flight training field some 70 miles from Naval Air Station Fallon yesterday. The crash was reported at approximately 3:00 p.m. local time.

It is not known how long the mission had been in progress when the aircraft went down or how many other aircraft were involved in the training. There was no mention that an aerial refueling was in progress.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. The Navy is already reviewing on-ground safety procedures.

The F/A 18C Hornet is a Boeing built supersonic jet used in combat for nearly four decades and used by air forces of several other nations including Canada, Australia, and Kuwait.

The fighter/attack jet is employed by the Navy’s Blue Angels high-performance, demonstration airshow team.

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