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Pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines jet had Boeing 777 simulator in his home

The pilot of the missing Malaysia flight had a Boeing 777 simulator in his home. Malaysia Airline pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was on that simulator every chance he could get say friends of the missing Malaysian flight 370 pilot.

Missing Malaysia Airlines pilot had Boeing 777 simulator in his home.
YouTube screen shot

According to NBC News on March 9, current and former co-workers of the pilot who they spoke with said the same thing. The pilot enjoyed flying the Boeing 777 so much that he actually had a simulator at home to engage in the different scenarios that would present when piloting the plane.

The 53-year-old pilot was carrying 239 souls on board a flight bound for Beijing after leaving Malaysia. The plane dropped off the radar over the ocean just as it was about to pass over Vietnam. Shah had been a pilot with the Malaysia Airlines since 1981. Other airline employees said that Shah knew the Boeing 777 “extremely well.”

A former Malaysia Airline pilot who knew Shah said for the missing pilot and the plane to go missing, something catastrophic would have had to happen. His suggested it would have to be something like a “total electrical failure.” The Boeing 777 “doesn’t just stall like that,” said the former Malaysia Airline pilot. “It doesn’t just fall out of the sky like that,” he said.

Shah was a certified examiner to conduct simulator tests for pilots. He was certified by Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). Shah made no secret of the Boeing 777 simulator that he installed in his home, he had pictures of it posted to his Facebook page.

Friends and co-workers said that there is no way that Shah had anything to do with the plane’s disappearance.

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