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Pillow Fight Day: 'Swingers' invited to free worldwide pillow fight

Have you heard the big news? According to a Fox2Now report published on April 2, there is a big day coming up and people around the world are ready to celebrate. April 5, 2014, is (International) Pillow Fight Day, a yearly event that actually encourages friendly pillow fights no matter where you live! Folks of all ages are invited to attend the free global event.

Pillow Fight Day 2014:  'Swingers' invited to free worldwide pillow fight
Christopher Michel

Pillow Fight Day

When is the last time you had a good, old-fashioned pillow fight? Whether it was with childhood friends, siblings or other family members, pillow fights were loads of fun! Well it's time to start swinging and let those feathers fly! Each year, “swingers” of all ages attend peaceful pillow fights in cities around the world where walloping a few friends or even a few strangers is highly recommended.

International Pillow Fight Day 2014

Just a few of the cities participating in the International Pillow Fight Day 2014 event include Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Cancun, Chicago, Detroit, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Madrid, Montreal, New York City, Paris, Portland, Seattle, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, Vietnam and Washington D.C.

Down with Down

Speaking of feathers, PETA is asking folks who plan on participating to "Fight Down Free" and leave the feathers where they belong - on the birds. Many times, the feathers are plucked from the skin of the birds, ripping their skin which is then stitched up without any pain medication. Some organizers of the International Pillow Fight Day are requiring a down-free event.

Please note - While pillow fights are loads of fun, there are specific rules and guidelines for anyone who wants to participate.

Happy swinging!

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