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Pillage in style and luxury upon your limited edition Crimson Class Sloop

This sloop is unique in offering main deck booty access. Previous officers appear to have had a bit of an argument over booty division... let's not go there.
This sloop is unique in offering main deck booty access. Previous officers appear to have had a bit of an argument over booty division... let's not go there.
Three Rings/YPP, Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little

And lest we forget, there's a new limited edition sloop available in yonder shipyard. Announced May 20 and available through June 23, it's the Crimson Class Sloop, and it's got everything but the kitchen sink on board. Actually, there is a kitchen sink on board--or rather a bathroom sink, it looks like, alongside the clawfoot tub in the captain's cabin...

Ahem. We get ahead of ourselves. Let's start the tour properly, above decks, with the first sights to greet you when you clamber aboard.

The first thing that you'll notice is that it's red. Red, red, red. What, precisely, has redness to do with treasure and luxury? Perhaps one thinks of "rolling out the red carpet." Perhaps one thinks of red leather and velvet furnishings. Or perhaps it's to do with that cleaver someone flung at the cabin door, no doubt during a violent argument over how to divide the ill-gotten gains?

Looking around the main deck, one detail that sticks out is a pragmatic one: There's access to the ship's booty right there, at the foot of the mast. I don't think any other sloops offer main deck access to the booty. It's actually kind of convenient, not having to go downstairs and/or through doors to go divvy it up at the end of a pillage. It looks like you can even reach it from one's position at the navigation wheel. That's handy, that is. As delightful and addictive as this game is, one must admit that the mechanics for moving around a scene leave something to be desired. The less click, right-click, click, right-click, click-on-the-arrow, click-on-the-other-arrow, etc. required, the better.

Less handy, but kind of cool, is the extra special top deck on this sucker. The Crimson Class Sloop appears to have the most individual scenes of just about any sloop design thus far. One wonders how the Dread Ringers will top this one, ha-ha. Anyway, although there's nothing you can interact with up there (neither the telescope nor the chest are on that deck are functional items), it's an amusing fiction that this deck, and the Captain's Cabin through which you access it, are amenities exclusively reserved for the officer in charge of this ship, who must certainly be a pirate of luxury.

Inside both the captain's cabin and the regular cabin are lights which you can turn on and off. Turning them off plunges the room into a red dimness, a state which is maintained even if you leave the room and come back in. Presumably this state will reset about the time everything else resets (charts, cannons, damage, bilge)--which is to say, some 15 to 30 minutes after the last pirate on board disembarks in port.

In addition to the cabin lights, there are a few other interactive features of note. A Captain's Clock, much like those you can buy for yourself at most furnishers, is installed within the Captain's Cabin (of course). Click on it to show the current time, same as if you typed "/time" into your chat bar. That wall-mounted chart in the hold--there, just between the two bookshelves--works similarly to the navigation wheel, the navigation table, and the "Yer Known World" icon in your inventory in that clicking on it will bring you into map view. The ship comes with a free trinket display case and sword rack, too.

In the "public" cabin, where you do you entertaining, there's a patron's card table providing access to games of spades, hearts and poker. It's red, of course. Normally you'd need a Patron Reputation of "Celebrated" to get one of these. What a steal! But after your jobbers start loafing around playing poker rather than working at duty stations, you might come to appreciate that deal a little less.

The last scene is the prize of this limited edition sloop. Go downstairs, then proceed to the back of the main hold. Through that door you'll find the treasure hold, where a glittering mess of shiny rarities pile up inside a barred and "locked" inner chamber (not actually locked; the gate and cage are purely cosmetic) where additional access to the ships booty can be found. We've seen something like this before. If you remember the Hunter Class Sloop, that sloop had a similar treasure cage at the back of its hold.

Wait a minute... Crimson, Hunter? Have we spotted a trend of naming new limited edition ships after decommissioned Oceans? Will there be a Sage Class Sloop with herb gardens and spice racks everywhere? A Malachite Class Cutter that's studded with gems? A Viridian Class War Brig that's done up in corroded copper? Only time will tell!

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