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Pilgrim Trail: a scenic walk along Swan River for you and your furry friend

Someone seems to have lost their gloves in the construction site boarding Swan River.
Someone seems to have lost their gloves in the construction site boarding Swan River.
Amanda Elizabeth Aldridge

Pilgrim Trail is one of the best places to take a long stroll with your dog in Plymouth, MA. The trail boarders Swan River. The river runs from Billington Sea all the way to Plymouth's famous bay where Plymouth Rock is located. Dogs are welcome along this path that follows Billington Street from end to end.

This is a small bridge that crosses Swan River in downtown Plymouth, MA.
Amanda Elizabeth Aldridge

This is a great place to take a hike, especially at sunset. The trees along the river offer windows through their branches into the pink to yellow fade of the afternoon sun. In the winter, parts of the river freeze over and one will often find rafts of ducks slipping on and off the ice. One could sit for hours on one of the many park benches along the river whilst watching these majestic animals as they preen their feathers and dive for small fish and insects. That is of course as long as you dog does not charge viciously at the peaceful pack of mallards.

On Pilgrim Trail, many people allow their dogs to run wild and free off leash. Dogs mingle among other mutts, chasing each other with fierce vigilance at a playful pace. Growls in jest echo over the babbling river's murmur as the canines tackle each other in pseudo combat. It is recommended that as one gets closer to the vicinity to the downtown portion of Plymouth, MA, that one leashes their pet.

Pilgrim Trail is currently under construction. A bridge is being built over Swan River's rushing waters. The river has been diverted and much has been done to avoid polluting Swan River with debris. Hay bails line the river blocking industrial waste from flowing into the clean waters.

Many of the dams along Swan River are being removed to allow for herring to spawn. It is great to see the environmental progress Plymouth, MA has been making for our aquatic friends.

Following Swan River to the end, one reaches the epicenter of Plymouth, MA, the plazas of downtown. Statues of Plymouth's most famous inhabitants, the founding pilgrims and their native counter parts are found at the culmination of this relaxing journey. One may wish to photograph their playful pooch with statues Samoset or William Bradford. Again, it is poignant to stress how alluring this area is at dusk. The pillars encompassing Plymouth Rock make the perfect frame for the evening sky. Street lights give these small parks a omniscient glow that dotes upon one the feeling of subtle solitude. It is as if you are the only person for miles, when in reality, you are nestled in the heart of Plymouth, MA.

Pilgrim Trail is located along Billington Street in Plymouth, MA.