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Pilgrim's Progress - Thankgiving in London

Plenty of fowl (but few turkeys) along the Thames
Plenty of fowl (but few turkeys) along the Thames
© David Stewart White

By David Stewart White

Americans visiting London may have to search carefully to find a missing holiday. Halloween? Yes. Christmas? Certainly. New Years? Of course. But Thanksgiving is almost exclusively a North American event, celebrated this year in the formerly British territories of Canada on October 13 and in the United States on November 28.

London doesn't totally ignore the North American event though. The official Visit London tourism website provides a helpful short list on a page titled Thanksgiving in London 2013. The Visit London Blog even outlines Thanksgiving menus and events at a handful of participating restaurants in the city.

And for Brits who suffer—or think they suffer—Thanksgiving envy, the Metro news website has a primer headlined "What is Thanksgiving and can I eat it?"