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Pilates works the core and so much more

MAT Pilates working the core
MAT Pilates working the core

Pilates can be confused with yoga at times, especially with Mats Pilates. However, Pilates, just like yoga, takes on a new branch of fitness. Yoga focuses on the whole body from the head to toe while Pilates focuses on primarily the core which is the abdominal trunk and the low back, including the erector spinae muscles. Pilates is a great focus on these muscles stabilizing and strengthening the core for a better, functional everyday life. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who was born December 9th, 1883 and lived until 1967 with his belief that the core “abdominals & low back” of the body were the most important for daily function, and he was exactly right.

Today so many people are learning the techniques of Pilates from Joseph himself through the trainings that many health professionals are going through. So many people that have gone through Pilates are seeing the benefits of better daily function of taking on daily tasks as well as better brain function, mental health and, of course, just like yoga, better flexibility and less injury during everyday tasks or sports.

Pilates can be performed in two different forms one being “MATS Pilates” and the other is “Reformer Pilates”. The MATS Pilates takes place right on the mat with body holds focusing on the core, while the Reformer Pilates system is an apparatus that is focused on putting the body in higher core stability restraints using pulleys and levers to help focus on the core. It is recommended to focus on the basics first, which would be MATS Pilates, before going to the Pilates Reformer. Either way, you will take in the quality of a better life and a better core.