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Pilates rehabilitation for athletes


Photo of Kobe Bryant by Boixoesnois

You enjoy seeing athletes perform. He gazes into his opponent’s soul with eyes of verdict. Steady ready to strike with legs of tremendous anticipation and potential energy. He is incredibly agile and quick. Dedication could be an understatement. He trains like an Olympian. He is the fastest of all his competitors, the strongest, and the smartest. He is incredible at his sport. He is your favorite athlete. He like most athletes will need rehabilitation from time to time. Pilates has been known to be a potent form of rehabilitation for all of your favorite athletes.

Pilates is very versatile. It is a great way to improve flexibility, strength, core stability, bodily awareness, and more economic movement.   With pilates the source of injuries can usually be located easily.  Pilates deals well with many physical injuries including the joint related. Multiple Sclerosis is an example of one of several neurological diseases that can be treated by pilates.  Pilates is indeed very versatile. 

Pilates will always be more tedious when used as rehabilitation than for the general exercise. Pilates instructors always must keep in mind the sport played by the athlete being treated. Athletes tend to use very specific muscle groups depending upon the sport played. These muscle groups suffer overtime and require specific treatments in order to be restored. Athletes will always be pushed a little harder during pilates exercises due to their bodies having adjustment to hard work and physical abuse. Some pilates equipment includes:  

  • The Pilates Chair
  • The Pilates Reformer
  • The Trapeze Table

Athletes learn bodily awareness and fluid efficient movement.  This in turn reduces injury, increases range of motion, and balance.  Some athletes that have done pilates are: Jason Kidd, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant.  The statement “No pain no gain” is true in a relative sense.  Fortunately there is gain for the gain that results in pain for the original pain in which one desires to gain.

For more info:  Speak with you pilates instructor



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