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Pilates on the Bosu

Core exercise is essential in helping maintain strength and balance. Pilates, one of the most effective forms of exercise to help achieve core strength and stabilization takes training to another level with Pilates training on the Bosu ball.

Studies have shown that when exercising on an unbalanced surface, like a stability ball or a Bosu ball the deep muscles of the core are activated at a high level providing a more intense workout from the inside out. Since Pilates workouts incorporate deep muscular activation, adding the Bosu intensifies your core workout to provide increased strength and stabilization.

To experience a Pilates workout on the Bosu Ball, below are four basic exercises to get you started.

Roll Down on the Bosu

Stand on top of the Bosu with knees slight bent.
Inhale to prepare
Exhale, contract your abdominals, roll forward, inhale stay.
Exhale contract your abdominals and roll back up to standing.
Repeat for 2-4 reps.

Spine Twist on the Bosu

Start in kneeling position on the Bosu, lift arms, one arm straight, one arm bent.
Inhale to prepare
Exhale rotate torso towards the bent arm.
Return to center and repeat on the other side for 2-3 reps per side.
Note: Kneeling on the Bosu also works the inner and outer thighs to help maintain balance.

Half Roll Back on the Bosu

Start seated on the Bosu (forward of the apex), with feet hip distance apart.
Inhale to prepare with arms in front of your body.
Exhale, contract the abdominals, roll half way back then return to seated position.
Repeat for 4-6 reps.

Leg Pull Front Prep on the Bosu

Turn the Bosu on the curved surface.
Place knees on the floor or mat and hands on each side of the Bosu ball.
Inhale to prepare.
Exhale contract the abdominals and lift both knees from the floor (hold for 3 seconds).
Return knees to the floor.
Repeat for 4 reps.

Adding these exercises to your Pilates program is a great way to incorporate maximal strength and stabilization to your core workout.

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