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Pilates for a Humanitarian Cause?

Pilates on the beaches of Haiit
Pilates on the beaches of Haiit
Natalie Garay, Pilates with Soul

I’m starting a movement Movement.

Why? Because I believe that moving our body is a catalyst to creating amazing

change in our mind, our body, our community and beyond.

Here’s my philosophy on working out:

It’s about more than just your body; it's about creating a positive shift in your

physical and mental wellbeing so that you can be more present and available to help

your community and beyond.

When we have the awareness that not only does our workout practice benefit us and those around

us in our immediate community, but that it also causes a ripple effect that goes so much broader-it’s world changing stuff.

And that’s what I’m aiming towards.

(Read more about my passion project here.)

And I believe that if we went into our workouts thinking that way, we’d

be more enthusiastic about moving our bodies and more apt to maintain our health and fitness goals.

When I made a commitment to move my body a minimum of 3 times each week, I got

more than I bargained for. It created a

significant shift in every area of my life and helped me move out of Blahville to HellYeah!ville.

Let’s break it down.

The movement Movement is about:

*Mind, Body & Spirit strengthening

*Creating Change

*Going Inward

*Being Present

*Giving Love

Can you be down with that?

Let’s cause a ripple!

Ready to join me?

Starting Monday, February 3, 2014, your 6-week soul shifting journey will help you get

reacquainted with you. We’re going to strengthen your body from the inside out to

create a subtle positive shift in mind, body and soul.

Each Monday for 6 weeks I will deliver a brand new 20-30 minute workout video to your inbox.

My goal for you is to move 3 times each week, so I’ll resend your video (as a gentle reminder)

on Wednesday and Friday.

Read more about it here!

Here's where the humanitarian part comes in!

Not only will you be creating change in your own life, but by participating in this

journey you'll also be creating change in Haiti!

That's right!

I'll be making a trip to Haiti late February 2014 on a Health & Wellness Tour with the

organization, Project: House of Hope where I’ll be teaching Pilates at various clinics, spreading

love and squeezing precious babies.

(read about my trip 2012 trip to Haiti here.)

Join me in The movement Movement and let's create change in the new year!

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