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Pilates diet


Photo by Rutlo.

You may be wondering when summer weather will return. There have been steady coldfronts with average low temperatures of 38.5 just last week in what should be a season of warmth. It's almost like an episode of the twilight zone. You have many obstacles in front of you to make it to the beach season including your diet. Nothing can be done about the former, so you might as well jump on the latter.

You can lose up to 9 pounds in two weeks. Dont go assuming it will be easy like the spam emails you are constantly recieving say. In general it is agreed that adults should eat around 1500 calories a day. For this diet you"ll need to cut out about 300 calories. Thats probably equal to half that big mac you just had. The purpose of the diet like any other diet is to train your stomach to lose weight.

There unfortunately isn't necessarily a specific pilates diet. However there are principles. Pilates revolves highly around the "powerhouse", the core. In our body's we have a tool that stores carbs. If one stores more than needed  the idle carbs will be stored in the body as fat. Unfortunately a lot of that fat goes straight to the belly and quickly. (Imagine yourself as Coyote and the carbs as Road runner). So monitering carb intake is necessary. Protein 1 gram per pound is good for building lean muscle. One would want to make sure to include servings from all food groups as well.

On a low calorie diet it is good to eat multiple times during the day, small meals but more frequently. In fact it's better to eat that way whether one is on a diet or not.  Obviously exercise is necessary. Walking, running, biking, and especially swimming are good cardio excercises to burn calories. Walking several miles daily is a necessary part of this diet principles that will help you lose weight.  While pilates will burn calories it is more focused on strenthening your muscles and rehabilitating them. Other good workouts include: Calisthenics and Olympic workouts. While the weather is holding you back, try to get ahead on your diet.

For more info: Gainesville Health and Fitness has dietitian consults.


  • Jonathan 5 years ago

    Yet another cleverly written article. The author puts a fresh spin on an old dusty work out. Very informative ty

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