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Pigskin Party Snacks

Try cutting out the middle of your loaf and filling it with Spinach dip. Cut on a 45 degree angle aiming to the center of the bread.
Try cutting out the middle of your loaf and filling it with Spinach dip. Cut on a 45 degree angle aiming to the center of the bread.
Kim Flynn

Having a group of your frineds over for a football game is a great time to have snacks!

Now you have lots of peole to feed and you need ideas on how to serve it all.

To get the party started star off with drinks.

San Pelligrino
Coke and Pepsi products
Flavored water

These non-alcoholic drinks make a great place to start and the above list is a short yet refreshing choice.

Once everyone has the coats off and is all settled it time to start your feast with your gridiron favorites.

Hot Wings
Bread bowl
Assorted chips: way chips, corn, chips, tortilla chips, etc.
Sub sandwiches
Condiments to top all of your favorites

As you serve up these great heavy snacks you'll want to find a great way to keep them from drying out, burning on the bottoms or becoming tepid, or lukewarm. The trick is to serve the hot things hot and the cold things cold!

When keeping Hot Wings and Chili warm use a crock-pot on a low setting to keep them hot while serving. A crock pot can keep in moist heat and a low setting will keep the bottom layer from burning.

Sub sandwiches are great to serve since they can be prepared before hand and sliced into various sizes to meet all size appetites. Ensure that you have a cover to keep the edges of bread from getting hard and the cheese drying out. This is especially critical when you live in higher altitudes.

Now is a good time to discuss condiments. Keeping items like mayo, miracle whip, and your dips cool is key over what could feasibly be a 5 or 6 hour event. To keep refrigerator items cool use a cooling tray which you can purchase from a cooking entertainment store, place it in the refrigerator until your party starts and take it out and put your condiments in it. You can also make an ice bath yourself, by using a ceramic dish and ice packs, place the ice packs in the dish and cover them with a thin dish towel then place the mayo or dip on or in between the ice packs.

To ensure that you serve pizza warm and sumptuous when it's delivered place the pizza in a warm oven. Keep the temp on a low, low setting.When you put the pizza up to sere to your guests place it on a preheated pizza baking stone. The hot stone will keep the pizza warm while serving.

Burgers to order is the best way to serve them without the tough hockey puck taste. Ask each guest how they want the burger cooked and cook it to order. If you decide to make a few extra burgers for seconds use indirect heat in a chaffing dish to keep them from continuing to cook. Once ground meat reaches 170 degrees it will be done and continue to cook as it sits for a few minutes after it's removed from the heat.

No matter what you decide to serve remember to make it simple for you so that you can enjoy the game and then your party is sure to be a TOUCHDOWN!

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