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Piggy Pillows: Insoles with style

My Brazilian flats with the Beach Blanket Piggy Pillows inside
My Brazilian flats with the Beach Blanket Piggy Pillows inside
Stacy Gardner

Insoles are great for shoes to give you that extra comfort as you walk about town. I’m used to seeing nude, navy or black colors as the standard choices, but then I discovered Piggy Pillows!

Piggy Pillows are fashion insoles designed to fit a variety of flip flops, sandals and shoes. I reached out to the founder Michelle Ojea to try out a pair and I was excited to get them in the mail! Right off the bat when I went to the website the first thing I noticed is the colorful, stylish varieties of insoles you can choose from. Just because nobody sees the inside of your shoe, why not add a little fab flair?

I received the Beach Blanket Piggy insoles and the next challenging decision was to determine which shoe to put it in! I love the fact that these can go either in a shoe or thong sandal. After looking at all my shoes for 20 minutes, I decided to put them in a pair of Brazilian style flats. I don’t wear these shoes often because the flatness can be uncomfortable after a while, so I wanted to see if the Piggy Pillows would change that.

I was running errands all over Hollywood that day in these and they felt really comfortable! I felt like my feet felt lighter and I was gliding as I naturally speed walked everywhere. It feels like they aren’t even there but still doing the trick of keeping my feet comfy. There is also a little bit of a gap in the back of the flats, so my feet also did not slide around as I walked in them. Will I be wearing these more? With Piggy Pillows, of course!

I definitely enjoy wearing them and I wanted to pull them out and try them in another shoe, but it appears that the adhesive stays on the shoe so make sure that whichever one you decide to put them in that it’s permanent. However, I did also receive a pair of Mini Piggy’s that comes with a heel pillow and a ball of foot pillow that works for any shoe size, so I can’t wait to try those out!

Michelle has created a great product that should be sold everywhere as there are many fashion forward women that want to look stylish even on the insides of their shoe!

To learn more about Piggy Pillows and pamper your ten little toes, check out

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