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'Pig' the dog: Is this cutey a pig, a dog, or a little of both? (video)

Let’s clarify right off the go – “Pig” is a dog, but she looks like a pig. “Pig” hops similar to a bunny, stands up and walks like a gorilla and spins her whole body round to see what’s next to her, much like any other even-toed ungulate. But she’s a dog, we swear it.

Reports The Associated Press via MSN News on June 22: “Born in Atlanta with severe deformities and adopted by an Alabama woman, the 8-month-old mutt has gangly legs, a body that appears to have been chopped in half and no neck.”

Dr. Rachael Hudson-Breland is the veterinarian who sees Pig, who was found abandoned in the woods in a litter of three other young pups. “The whole clinic loves her. She comes in and she's a rock star here,” she said.

It’s impossible not to stare at Pig’s strange shape and movements, but owner Kim Dillenbeck, who lives in Helena, Alabama, doesn’t mind the attention her beloved pet is getting. Various YouTube videos of Pig have been viewed tens of thousands of times, and Dillenback has no regrets about adopting the one-of-a-kind pup with special needs.

Pig even has her own Facebook page. And that’s no pig in the poke.

“When she was really, really little she looked like a little fuzzy piglet,” Dillenback said. “She always draws a crowd.”

Hudson-Breland said Pig doesn’t have any major health concerns, other than the fact that she can tire easily. And on occasion, much to the delight of anyone around, Pig might lose her balance and topple over – a rarity to see as most dogs don’t just trip and go down. “Pig is in great shape for the shape she's in,” puns the AP report.

Writes the AP:

Visiting the park with her boyfriend and two dogs, ballet dancer Tricia Bianco didn't know quite what to make of Pig.

“She is like a little pig. She's cute,” Bianco said.

“I don't think Pig really knows that she looks different,” Hudson-Breland said.

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