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Pig Fight Over - What Can We Do Now?

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Posted on behalf of the Global Conservation Group:

STEPHENSVILLE, Wis. - Yesterday, 37 pigs were punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, yelled at and thrown on top of a barrel. (video link at bottom of article). Today, those very same pigs were brutally slaughtered. So now that the event went on as planned, what can we do now?

St. Patrick's Church, which hosted the event says they plan to host this event again next year, however the Global Conservation Group has a different plan. Our organization will be filing a lawsuit against the church for animal endangerment, child endangerment and violating Wisconsin Crimes Against Animals Chapter 951.08 - which prohibits animal fighting of any kind.

If we're going to put a stop to this cruel event once and for all and get justice for the 37 individuals who were beaten yesterday and brutally killed today - we need your support! Please contribute $10 to the Global Conservation Group's Division of Legal Affairs.

Contributions can written out to the "Global Conservation Group" and mailed to our Home Office at:
808 Fieldcrest Court
Watertown, Wisconsin 53094

You can also Click Here to contribute on PayPal. Our account email address is

St. Patrick's Parish broke the law, abused animals and assaulted protesters. Lets make them pay.

"The court of public opinion has overwhelmingly ruled in our favor, and we're confident that the court of law will as well." Global Conservation Group President Jordan Turner.

Video of St. Patrick's "Pig Wrestle" -

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