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Piers Morgan's ouster from CNN bad sign for journalists who take stands

Piers Morgan's stance on controversial topics like gun control are probably a large part of why he's out of a job.
Piers Morgan's stance on controversial topics like gun control are probably a large part of why he's out of a job.

The final episode of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” airs Friday, March 28 at 8 p.m. and unlike the seemingly millions happy to see its demise I’m actually going to miss it. I’m going to miss it for the very same reason they’re glad to see it go – no matter what Piers Morgan always stood for what he believed. Morgan stuck to his guns, especially on the topic of guns, and other important topics even despite its possible negative effect on his ratings/show.

Some people might find that a sign of stupidity or foolishness, but I find it admirable. Nobody should back down from what they believe because they’re offending or pissing people off, especially when you’re in the media. The media is more than just a hairpiece reading the day’s news off of a teleprompter, as many believe it should be. The media has always been a way to shape society for the better, or at least attempt to. Think of the great news anchors of the past. Edward R. Murrow taking on Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch hunts led to the nation realizing the lunacy of such things. Walter Cronkite’s commentary on the Vietnam War helped change much of the country’s tune on the war. Morgan found an issue that he thought he could change and tried his best to do so. He tried his best to be a voice of reason. And, for this he became the most hated man in cable news. Yet Fox News commentators like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity do similar things on a nightly basis and people love them for it.

The issue with “Piers Morgan Tonight” wasn’t Morgan’s ideals, opinions or his perceived snobbery. The issue was the fact that many of this nation’s viewers just didn’t agree or couldn’t handle his ideals or opinions, especially when it came to their beloved guns. And, because Morgan was so steadfast in his stance on gun control, and the asinine fact that many Americans (the ignorant ones) simply didn’t want to hear how to better America coming from a Brit. This really shows a negative side of American society today. If you disagree with the majority or simply those in charge you’re opinion won’t be respected and you could even end up losing your job because of it.

I get it. The news, especially the news on cable television, is unfortunately a ratings game. You can be really good at your job, but if you’re not bringing in enough viewers you’re going to be replaced. If you’re pissing off a large number of viewers, even with thoughts or opinions or topics that are well-worth voicing or covering you’re going to have a hard time getting or keeping that audience. Piers Morgan couldn’t find or keep his audience and he’s losing his job because of it.

Piers Morgan’s loss of his show really might be more indicative of today’s “agree with us or get out” mentality in American society. Hopefully the cancellation doesn’t stop future broadcast journalists from trying to do some good in this world.

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