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Piermarini Boutique dishes up new date night beauty perfection

Piermarini Boutique recently announced the extension of its brand to introduce its in-house beauty and cosmetics line, Piermarini Beauty, to customers.
Piermarini Boutique recently announced the extension of its brand to introduce its in-house beauty and cosmetics line, Piermarini Beauty, to customers.
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Just when you think John Piermarini of Piermarini Boutique could possibly do no more--he proves naysayers wrong again by unexpectedly dropping a specially curated beauty line called "Piermarini Beauty". For the many die hard fans of this local Snider Plaza boutique, the announcement of this newest addition to the Piermarini empire was a complete and total shock. Jokingly compared to the "Beyonce" drop of Dallas news for local fashion and beauty, Piermarini admits that the expansion of his boutique into the beauty realm was secretly taking place through a series of meetings, testing and product developments over the course of a year. While not necessarily on the level of Beyonce's secret album which sold 80,000 copies in its first three hours on iTunes, the Piermarini Beauty line although developed completely undercover is catching much buzz in the local shopping community.

The young and casually cool entrepreneur is excited about the new product launch and shares why the addition of cosmetics and beauty is synonymous with his namesake boutique.

We are very excited to launch Piermarini Beauty, available exclusively at Piermarini Boutique. The complete line of make-up and skincare is a perfect reflection of the Piermarini aesthetic: simple, easy, and something that makes you look like the best version of yourself. No harsh pigments or heavy foundations are found in the make-up. The lightweight products make it easy to enhance your own skin. The skincare is rich in vitamins, minerals, and SPF. These products are meant to rejuvenate the skin while also protecting from any further aging. We believe keeping it simple and classic is the way to go, just like our clothing.

With 32 products ranging from foundations to moisturizers and all at affordable price points ($18-$48), the Piermarini beauty line is already a hit for faithful customers. While the time and care that went into the development of this line was up to the usual Piermarini standards, the perfectly sassy and date night worthy names for the glosses, lip balms and lip sticks totally take the cake. Put on your best pumps, get ready to sashay and pucker up for these catchy, man magnet or male repelling lip cosmetics. It's definitely worth the read...or giggle, whichever comes first.

Available Lip Glosses:

  • It's Going to be Fun
  • That Girl
  • Looking for Trouble
  • Only Tonight

Available Lip Balms:

  • It's Complicated
  • First Date
  • XO
  • Still Waiting
  • Long Term

Available Lipsticks:

  • Double Date
  • Please Call
  • The Other Woman
  • Just Friends
  • Not Happening
  • But You Said
  • Long Distance

These fun and quirky lip products are currently available at Piermarini Boutique among other great and affordable products. Check them out by visiting the Snider Plaza shop at 6827 Snider Plaza, Dallas, Texas 75205.

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