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Pieces from an artists dream with Ivy Brown

The Ivy Brown Gallery has a unique way of displaying art throughout the entire loft. No space is exempt.
The Ivy Brown Gallery has a unique way of displaying art throughout the entire loft. No space is exempt.
The Gallery by Ivy Brown

Gallerist, Ivy Brown found a unique loft space to live and work out of after living in her parents spacious 2000 square foot loft. The space would become the Meatpacking District's gem within a gem, in the historical pre-Civil War brick dwelling called the Triangle Building. The space was purchased by Brown in 1985 and have since been considered a haven in which, she and the artistic community would have an avenue of expression. Brown established the artist residency and art gallery space after she developed a curatorial eye while studying many areas of art, from fine art sculpture to art therapy both in the United States and abroad. She eventually became one of the most sought after commercial photographers in the country.

When asked to describe the home and art gallery space Ivy says, "I'd say it's chic and funky." The forth floor walk up has a private elevator that is controlled by the homeowner and once inside the loft, the unique layout begins at the entrance door opening into an open space with painted concrete, brick and white walls. Some of the walls are on wheels, which allow the flow of movement and sublets as a partisan when necessary; the original characteristics of the loft is a testament to the vibrant lifestyle of the ecclectic district, with its tin ceilings and original moldings. Each room is decorated with art, mostly from artists who've hosted their collection within the space.

After departing entrance area where the art gallery and office space is located, the living quarters begin in the middle of the loft with an open kitchen and a wall separating the dining area. The living room, bedroom and bathroom has a traditional railroad style hallway that leads to the conversation piece of the building which is, the famous triangular window located in the living room. Brown had known the neighborhood to be what she considered, "griddy, scary and dark but absolutely safe," and she fondly remembers the first time she entered the building, "I got this overwhelming sensation that I was going to live here and like wow, this is where I was meant to be," she recalled. The loft not only hosts artisans and pieces of art but also herself, husband and two dogs have plenty of room to roam.

Since 2001, many contemporary artists have fallen in love with the space and often return to what's now known as the Ivy Brown Gallery. April will be a busy month for the art gallery since two artists will have a showing. April 10th, fashion designer Arlinda of Sofistafunk - a skirt company, will host a fashion exhibition and on April 20, artist Paul 'Eggman' Wirhun, will host an Easter show, both shows are open to the public. One of Wirhuns' pieces from a previous showing, a mobile style object made of branches and hanging eggs, is displayed in Ivy's bedroom. Check out the calendar of events at for hours and upcoming exhibits.