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Picture of John F. Kennedy on board a yacht with nude women surfaces: is it real?

Original photograph released by TMZ, supposedly showing JFK on a yacht with nude women
Original photograph released by TMZ, supposedly showing JFK on a yacht with nude women

The entertainment news giant TMZ has recently released a shocking photograph of one of our most beloved presidents. Taken in the 1950's while JFK was serving as a Senator, it shows the young Kennedy lounging on the deck of a yacht with two nude women jumping off and another two sitting on the platform above him. In the original article, TMZ claims that the picture has been extensively analyzed for signs of manipulation or photoshopping - and none exist. The original photograph was creased and cracked, consistent with a picture taken during that decade. TMZ also says they had two Kennedy biographers examine the photograph, and both believed the man on the yacht was indeed JFK.

The date of the picture coincides with a Mediterranean boat trip that Kennedy took with his brother and one other senator in August 1956. TMZ reports that the trio was known to have entertained several women on the excursion. Jackie Kennedy, the wife of John, was pregnant at the time and gave birth to a stillborn son while JFK was on the boat. As TMZ points out, if the picture had surfaced before the 1960 election, JFK may never have been president at all. The original article is at, but be warned that the nudity is not blocked out on the original photo.

One lingering question remains: is the picture authentic?  One L.A. television station thinks it's a hoax. They ran an article the same day as the original, December 28th, arguing that the picture came from Playboy. According to KTLA-TV, TMZ confirmed with Playboy that the picture ran in a 1967 issue entitled "Playboy's Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodies Complement of Ship's Belles." TMZ originally reported that a car dealership owner possessed the photo, and when he died one of his sons inherited the picture and gave it to TMZ. So it seems unlikely that the picture actually is of JFK if it ran in Playboy, but still, if photography experts and Kennedy biographers confirmed it, one cannot help but wonder 'what if?'