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Picnic food safety

Picnic food safety
Picnic food safety
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Grilling and picnic season is on. Cleaning, cooking, separating and getting the proper chill on can keep your Memorial Day outdoor activities continuing at warp speed.


Prepare all foods on surfaces that are cleaned between before and after preparation. This also means washing your hands before and after, and if you are cooking and preparing, and checking other foods while you prepare other foods washing your hands is important before you change onto the next food whether it is cooked or to be chilled. This goes at the picnic site, keep anti-bacterial hand wipes at the picnic/grilling location if water and soap can’t be used.

The raw from the cooked

Bring plenty of plates and eating, cooking utensils. Make sure only raw foods go on raw plates and make sure only cooked foods go on cooked plates. Keep raw and cooked meats, separated. Pack meats at the bottom of the cooler, in case of leaks, meat juices will not cross-contaminate other foods and drinks.


Cook foods meant to be cooked all the way. Do not cook partially meaning to cook the rest of the way at a later time. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal cooking temperature of meats. Keep meats cold until cooking time.


Keep cold foods cold in the cooler. The trunk is not the coldest place in the vehicle and not the safest for foods. Make sure the time a cooler with food spends in the trunk is limited or the ice is constantly checked and added to when traveling long distance. Keep coolers in the shade when outdoors. Remove raw food only when you are ready to cook them. When outdoors discard any perishable food that sits out longer than two hours in temperatures above 80-degrees.

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