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Picking The Right Bike For You

Getting into cycling can be daunting when trying to do it alone. When searching on any website pertaining to bikes you can easily become overwhelmed with the different styles and types of bikes. There are road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, cyclocross and hybrid just to name a handful. This can easily become confusing to anyone new to the sport of cycling and can be frustrating.

One simple way to narrow down your search is to know what you plan to do once you’ve purchased a bike. If you are you looking to commute daily to work and run weekly errands then a simple hybrid bike will do the trick. With it’s upright sitting position for comfort and ability to attach fenders and racks for carrying bags, it is perfect for getting back and forth to the office while stopping off at the store for the evening’s dinner. A perfect example of this style of bike can be found at

If you are looking to race with a group for fitness where speed is essential then a road bike will be needed. The slim tires, lightweight materials, (aluminum or carbon fiber) and more aerodynamic sitting position help the rider achieve distances at a fast rate of speed. One brand of such bike is the Trek.

If getting dirty while dodging trees and rocks sounds exhilarating then a mountain bike would be your vehicle of choice. With larger treaded tires, shocks for absorbing the holes, rocks and ruts you’ll encounter and beefier frames for handling the rough land this bike is perfect for the person looking for an adrenaline rush. These bikes are made for jumping, crashing, and dealing with any type of terrain you can throw at them. Here is a list of the top mountain bikes under $1000.

This is only a small example of what type of bikes are out there. A great solution to helping you answer any questions you may have is to visit your local bike shop. Here one of the friendly sales staff will help you find what you’re looking for by asking questions and listening to your needs. Once they have an idea they will guide you to the style of bike you need and once the style of bike is selected they will assist in making sure the proper sized bike is available. If there is anything that can make a great bike feel horrible for the first time rider is poor fit.

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