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Precious Puppy
Precious Puppy
Lisa DiFruscio

Let's face it - puppies are the sweetest. Any breed, any hybrid, any cross. They grab your heart and bond instantly. True, some have the character that tests your every nerve, but they are all worth it: provided you have these things to give to them:

Enough money to get them the essentials. I'm speaking of good food - raw diet or holistic, because it has been proven lately that these are the best. Accessories, well - that goes without saying, because you need these too. If you're not prepared to put out an additional 2,000 a year for clothes, toys, treats, and vet checkups - do yourself a favor and do not impulse adopt a dog.

You could argue that love is enough, but it is not. They need your time, your full attention, and your commitment and dedication. Remember that without you, a dog would only survive a short time on its own. Some have stronger wolf instincts and could possible survive longer and adapt, but these are rare cases. Through the centuries, we have bred dogs to be domesticated companions, and so they read our emotions, and our actions, and know that they must rely on us for their survival.

The reason there are so many rescues is that people do not think before they get a dog. They don't analyze their lifestyle committments, and usually have lame reasons like its going to make the kids more responsible. Well think again. Perhaps, but kids get bored too, and usually the parents wind up doing the major caregiving for the dog.

Companionship. People who work 9-10 hours or more and commute, and leave the poor dog alone for that long should be crated in a room themselves with no outside contact, and just a plate of food and water nearby and perhaps a window. Get real people. A dog NEEDS nurturing.

Too many dogs already in the world? Good breeders will interrogate the families to ensure their pups are going to appropriately selected homes. I'm in favor of costly licencing fees so that will at least eliminate the unscrupulous breeders and puppy brokers out for a quick buck.

Please people before you get a puppy or rescue, think about it. If you even see yourself pushing aside your pup because you have to rush to get to work and you're late in the morning, do both you and the pup a favor and let it be. Abandoning a dog is unforgivable in my books. How do I know? Because I have 19 maltipoos I've bred over a span of 14 years. Some have been returned to me for those mentioned reasons. We are one big happy family now. Join us at

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