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Picasso's Entitled Imaginary Portraits at The Americas Collection


Next July ninth, The Americas Collection Gallery, located in Coral Gables will present the complete collection of twenty-nine lithographs from the Suite entitled Imaginary Portraits by Pablo Picasso. This not commercial exhibition will be on display for cultural and educational purposes only. After a two-week presentation at The Americas Collection, the show will embark on a two-year traveling exhibition around Central and South America.

The gallery will showcase works of Pablo Picasso courtesy of the Ortiz-Gurdian Family Collection. Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Ortiz are the founders and owners of The Americas Collection and The Ortiz-Gurdian Foundation, a not for profit organization in Nicaragua, founded in 1996 with the purpose of promoting the visual arts in Central America.
The gallery, located at 2440 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables.