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Pic oneSometimes it seems difficult to decide what we can do to make a positive

Sometimes it seems difficult to decide what we can do to make a positive difference. After all, there is so much need and so many opportunities, and then sometimes, we just forget. Fortunately, there is a way to address all of these issues so you can still make a big difference - just pick one person.

By concentrating your efforts on just one person a week, you can do many great things. You can also do some things anonymously if you wish.

Of course the first task is to know your subject. Does the person have a particular circumstance that requires a special need? For instance, is the person elderly and homebound, disabled, out of work, homeless, or lower income? Then here are a few ideas to get you started:

Elderly, disabled and homebound

  • Offer to pick up items for them when you go to the pharmacy, discount or grocery store
  • Offer to go to the post office or substation to pick up stamps or to mail something
  • Set up hoses and water their lawns
  • Water their outside plants
  • Check on them to ensure that they have a cool space in which to be
  • Surprise them with a batch of cold lemonade or iced tea to keep in their refrigerator
  • Share quick and easy recipes that don’t require an oven (you might even provide the ingredients)

Out of work, homeless and lower income individuals

  • Offer rides to interviews or work force centers
  • Offer rides to food banks
  • Use your computer to help in job hunts or locating services to assist them
  • Share recipes as stated above
  • Offer to share unused fans or other cooling equipment

Everyone has a need from time to time. Even those who have no financial or physical issues might have limited time.

For anyone

  • Offer to help with errands as mentioned above
  • Share a prepared meal or prepare a picnic basket/ box to take on a trip
  • Offer carpooling of children to activities
  • Offer childcare for a night out
  • If neighbors are going on vacation, offer to pick-up mail and papers, and to keep watch on the house (be sure to get a cell phone # or itinerary in the event you need to reach them)

That’s it! It’s very easy to make a difference when you focus on just one person or family, and for just a specified amount of time. Now all you need to do is to determine who!

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