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Physical sight vs. personal insight

In yoga, we learn to detach ourselves from the outer senses in order to see the true self within. The mind is often obsessed with the past or future and loses the concept of the present. By learning to link your breath with movement, by learning to detach yourself from your distracting thoughts, and by learning to truly observe every sensation you feel within your magnificent body, you open yourself to revelations about your true self.

The power of gratitude is profound. True benefits of gratitude emerge when you can be grateful for the challenging times in life. We all have them. How you choose to respond is what makes the difference. Know that each challenge is actually an opportunity to grow. Consider it growing pains. The pain only lasts as long as you choose to focus on it instead of the choice to see how you can be the most you can be. Your physical life is a series of moments with unlimited choices of thought, action, or deed.

True story: I met a man who has been blind for 12 years due to being shot in the face. In giving condolences, he responded by stating he did not need anyone to feel sorry for him. He realized he is now able to see what he could not see until his physical vision was taken. He was grateful to be physically blind. He could now "see" and experience life in a new and improved light.

It was a consequence of the life he chose to live in his younger years. He only saw what he wanted for himself. He surrounded himself with like minded individuals. This particular group would take any action necessary to get what they wanted. Theft, violence, and no compassion for who it impacted was the mindset. As a result, a revengeful act delivered a bullet in the eye of the man this story is about. He almost died. He was in a coma for over six months. When he did come out of the coma, he woke up to see darkness.

His acceptance of loss of sight took time to absorb. But, as time passed and he was no longer living the life that led him to blindness, he started to see some truths within himself. He realized that the loss of vision enabled him to truly see what he could not see before. It changed his life completely and took him on a better road to travel. He now uses his lesson to help others find their way.

Find the strength like this beautiful soul to see what you need to change to grow. Yoga may not have been the path that led him to his discovery; but, perhaps the practice of yoga can manifest the revelations that are waiting in your heart to emerge. You never know if you don’t try or overcome the self-imposed barriers that keep you imprisoned. You can blame your circumstances or other people; but, ultimately, your path in life is your choice.

You may not be able to see what is down the road. None of us do. It is whether or not you feel that it is the right path for your life. True insight is in the heart of you. Learn to feel what is right instead of assuming what you see or hear is true for you. Think of the blind man who realized that it took loss of physical vision to truly see.


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