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Physical Fitness for your homeschool

I know as homeschoolers we put a lot of effort into finding extra curricular things for our children to do, I have spent many years signing up for field-trips, activities and classes from our local homeschool group and while my kids did and do get outside and play and one of them plays hockey, we are still always searching for other ways to get fitness in. Over my years here in Fredericksburg we have participated in a P.E. at the Y which was awesome it is what rolled us into exercising and being fit. Years back when they built an American Family Fitness gym nearby we checked them out and loved what we found for one reasonable price our whole family of 6 could have a membership which included great equipment, racquetball courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, hot tub and some really fantastic classes in all areas of fitness. We enjoyed this for a few years and then slacked off, my second oldest son tried other gyms but this last summer we came back to AFF where there is truly something for everyone in the whole family.

The extra bonus is there is a Recess that runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:30-2:30, my kids used to participate in this when it first started, they loved it. We now take more classes, swim and make use of the equipment on our own. They offer beginner/family classes in many areas that kids 9 and up can participate in with a parent. This is how my daughter and I got started cycling.

We are so thankful for this great gym and awesome instructors who never make us feel inadequate in our efforts. Stop by and check them out, they are low pressure and happy to show you what they have to offer. This place is truly the best stop on our path to getting fit and healthy.

Go here to get a free one week pass and see if they will fit your family's needs, try and stop by during the recess hour for a look at a recess for your homeschoolers.

Happy Homeschooling =)

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