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Physical activites for spring in New Hampshire

Spring into a new activity
Spring into a new activity

The weather in southern New Hampshire has been unusual but amazing. If you haven’t had a chance to get outside and get some vitamin D you have been missing out. If you are feeling motivated to make healthier choices and get your hour of physical activity, you are not alone. Woman all over New Hampshire feel renewed by the warm temperatures. Bathing suit season seems closer than ever and motivation is high.

It doesn’t matter the reason, if you are feeing motivated get up and go! If you are looking for a little more motivation, check out these local resources.

Womens Fitness Meetup has a comprehensive list of unique fitness opportunities in the area. From dance, to co-ed rugby clubs you can find what floats your boat this spring in the Nashua area and beyond. Just type in the closest city to you, or a zip code and can pick an activity near you.

Get In Shape For Women is has opened locations in Bedford, Nashua, North Hampton, and Salem. Advertising small group personal training and a free trail week this might be a place where you and your gal pals can meet up for a workout. Weight training, along with cardio and nutrition services are offered at all the locations in NH. Weights can be a great way to change the way your body looks, and keep weight off. Head to one of their locations to a professional can teach you the moves and you might be a whole lot happier to bare it all this summer by the pool.

YMCA has many locations in New Hampshire and women are raving about the running clubs in Nashua, Manchester and Merrimack. Offering comradely and at least an hour of running with core and strength mixed in, this is a great opportunity for a beginning runner, make new running friends, or just mix up your usual routine.

Don’t forget to check your local town recreation programs for spring. Many town recreation departments are offering hiking for fitness clubs, walking clubs for women, and other ways to get outside and get some physical activity. Activities usually range between $50.00 and $100.00 dollars if you live in the town. Beaver Brook in Hollis has activities starting in the spring that are worth looking at as well as recreation in Merrimack, Amherst, and Milford.

It can be hard to throw yourself into a new activity or club but many women sit down each season and sign up kids and family members for different sports and activities and forget to do so for themselves. Make a commitment to find and try one new physical activity this spring. Your body and your soul with thank you!

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