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Phyllis: Sweet dog with luxating patella is looking for a family to call her own

Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue

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According to Facebook: Greeenville County Pet Rescue, this little girl, who was in a foster home, returned yesterday. She needs out as soon as possible, either for adoption or rescue.

Name Phyllis
Animal ID22541249
Health: has luxating patella on both back legs. female-spayed Heartworm negative. 17 lbs.

Phyllis is now up for rescue or adoption. Here's what her foster said about this little girl.

"Phyllis is a sweet little lady. She is very quiet and mellow. She loves having her own little bed, and just wants to be in the room with people. She will play like a puppy for a minute or two, then she is done, back to lounging. She is housetrained, and walks on a leash. She is good with children as long as they are gentle, and fine with cats. She would love to have another dog in the house for company. Phyllis is hard of hearing, so you have to be loud to get her attention. She is also missing most of her teeth, so soft food is a must. Other than that, she's a happy little dog."

This situation isn't unusual. Phyllis was saved from death row in the nick of time by a foster willing to care for her. Many dogs and cats end up back at the shelter to get more exposure in finding a permanent home.

If you can find it in your heart to save this beauty, please contact Greenville County Animal Care Services by email at Be sure to put the pet name and ID in the subject line of your email.

Please share this article with friends in rescue, foster or who are looking to adopt a special pet. Social media has saved millions of shelter pets. Let's do our part to be sure this baby gets the chance at a forever home.

If you can't help a cat or dog in person, you can sponsor an animal by clicking here. This way a rescue can save the pet without any out of pocket expense, other than vetting and medical.

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