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Phrosties probe: NYC slurps new illegal alcohol slushies delivered via Instagram

A new alcohol slushie delivery service via Instagram is gathering many New Yorkers as fans. This illegal drink service has flown under the radar of law enforcement's watchful eye, up until now. This alcoholic slushie, which seems to be made with pure sugar and grain alcohol, is a one-drink-bender for most. Now the State Liquor Authority (SLA) is investigating NYC’s latest fad of becoming oblivious through a beverage, according to The Drink Business on May 27.

Phrosties is an illegal and "potentially dangerous" alcoholic drink that is delivered to you anywhere in NYC. One drink lays you out on the sidewalk and it can only be ordered over Instagram. Authorities are hot on their trail today.
Phrosties/ Instagram

You can’t buy Phrosties, which is the name of this illegal product, in the stores. This potent slushie is only available online through the social network Instagram. The booze slushie is only offered in the NYC area, but it’s expanded into the city’s outer boroughs and parts of New Jersey, according to Fox News on Tuesday.

To get one of these very powerful and unregulated slushie drinks you have go to the Phrosties Instagram page and give your phone number and address. You pick your desired flavor out of the several offerings and sit back and wait for this frozen drink to come to you.

ABC News reports today that this drink offers mystery all around. No one knows what is in it and no one knows where it comes from. The Phrosties people will deliver to you with a minimum of four Phrosties frozen drinks.

A recent delivery had the customer waiting two and a half hours and he warned that one drink got him drunk. He also said that some Phrosties tasted “boozier” than others.

It is only $10 a bottle, which is cheap considering NYC prices today. The drink is for one and one is all you need. It is described by a New York Magazine food critic as:

“Kool-Aid-meets-Red-Bull and mixed with 150-proof Everclear.”

The several choice of flavors include; Irish Bomb, Volcanic Paradise and Tsunami Sunrise. The drink hits you like a ton of bricks, reports one fan of the beverage. Adam Platt, the New York Magazine food critic, describes his experience drinking a Phrostie as:

“After the first sip, you’re loving the sugar. After the third sip, you’re thinking how pretty the colors look and why can’t you feel your lips? After chugging the whole thing, who cares? You’re lying blotto on the sidewalk and all is bliss.”

This “under the radar” alcohol frozen drink has become very popular in the Big Apple. The SLA warns that the drinks are “potentially dangerous” because they are not regulated. The SLA’s director of public affairs told the media that it is looking into the illegal sale of this unregistered drink being sold and made by an unlicensed business.

The drinks ingredients are not known and still remain a mystery today even with the SLA actively pursuing this company. It sounds like an adult drink that’s just right for a hot summer in the city. When you go to a bar your drink is mixed by a bartender and that drink isn’t exactly regulated, although its ingredients are.

Each and every drink can vary in the amount of alcohol it contains when mixed up by your favorite barkeep. A lot depends on your tipping, your attitude and the bartender’s mood when it comes to getting a drink that will curl your toes like the new Phrosties.

It all depends on the bartender as to the ratio of alcohol and mix that you are going to get in your drink order. While most drinks call for a level “shot” of alcohol, bars often practice the free-pour method when mixing up drinks. This also seems to be the customers most preferred way of having their drinks created.

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