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Photoshopped Target model shows off her long arms on ‘The Ellen Show’ (video)

Remember the Target model who was photoshopped in a bikini photo that went viral? Fans might not know the model by name, but Tanya Marie Keller’s image had people outraged. After stretching out her arms and manipulating other parts of her body including a square cut from in the middle of her bikini, the large department store was pressured to remove the picture from their online catalog. Somehow the model was tracked down and she was part of The Ellen Show on Wednesday. According to Click Online on Wednesday, many fans were looking for answers and what they got was hilarious comedy.

Tanya Marie Keller in the Target ad that caused controversy
Target ad

There was no mention of the issue by Tanya Marie Keller and the star seemed so excited to see Ellen DeGeneres, but the minute she walked on stage the fans knew the joke was on them. Sporting longer than normal arms and offering a look at her long legs too, the visual aspects of this moment was funny and didn't need any verbal explanation. And the best part? When she offered to show the square crotch. Of course she didn't, but the idea that she had one was funnier than ever.

How the two kept a straight face during the segment has some people curious. Not only was it funny, but it reflected on how sometimes things aren't as they appear on websites. And then again, things aren't always as they appear on TV either. Those arms were way too long even for someone as beautiful as Tanya Marie Keller.

Take a look at the video clip of the Target model sharing her long arms and beautiful looks on The Ellen Show. She should look into acting as the model is very good!

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