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Photos: yesterday's 'Supermoon'

The Moon.
The Moon.

In the past few weeks, the term 'supermoon' has been a hot topic on the Internet, no doubt thanks to the vast amount of misinformation about what would be in store for Earth on May 5th, which was the date the supermoon was to occur. Well, the 5th came and went and, guess what, nothing out of the ordinary happened out of the unusual amount of publicity surrounding a Full Moon.

Well, maybe there was one unusual effect.

Because of the extreme publicity involving the always photogenic Full Moon, a lot of photographers and astronomers with cameras decided that Saturday, May 5, would make a great time to get photos of the Full Moon, and not just the ordinary Moon snaps that have long since populated the Internet. No, these people were after truly super photos of the rather ordinary Moon.

While the supermoon in itself was nothing special, the way the world communicates has changed a lot since 1992, the last time when the Moon came so close to Earth when it was at full phase until last year's supermoon in March. Now, thanks to the Internet, picture sharing is as easy as logging on and clicking a mouse. Also, with the popularity of astronomy websites, picture galleries are getting bigger and better than ever before.

Such is the case with yesterday's supermoon. Below are links to photo galleries showcasing the supermoon, many of which have dramatic foreground settings. So, if you didn't get a chance to see the supermoon for yourself, click through the below galleries and enjoy.

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