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PHOTOS: Women Entrepreneur Impact Seminar 2014

Maisha Wynn (l), Nicole Knox (c) and Larvetta Smith (r)
Maisha Wynn (l), Nicole Knox (c) and Larvetta Smith (r)
Dawgelene Sangster

by Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster- DuSable Museum was the recent place to be to honor a group of women that are "Impacting" the lives of others. James Parker, CEO of Meet at 6 and Couples Date Night, decided it was time to pay homage to women who are making an impact in their career fields and within the community. The purpose was simple, connect women with other inspiring women who can help them excel as entrepreneurs and provide inspiration. The event had vendors as a way to promote small businesses and guest speakers who provided inspiration for honorees and audience members.

WEIS 2014
Dawgelene Sangster

"This has been a passion of mine to help women start businesses, grow businesses and then help other women do the same. I appreciate the value women bring to business and the community, and it's my goal to help them grow and excel as much as possible," noted James Parker, founder of WEIS.

The honorees included: Nicole Wheatly, Donna Smith-Bellinger, Kim Martinez, Cheryl Harris, Perri Small, Felicia Houston, Peggy Riggins, Rhea Henderson and Valerie Battiest Danzy.

Please be sure to visit their website and support their mission to help women excel.

The W.E.I.S. Mission

It is the mission of WEIS to enable, encourage, and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in women for the purpose of having a lasting IMPACT in their lives, their families, and their communities. To not just "live" local...but to 'IMPACT' local as well. (taken from

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