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Photos: Topless Scout Willis walks in NYC as child follows close behind

*Warning! The following content links to articles that show topless women, use caution when viewing

Scout LaRue Willis attends the FLAUNT Magazine & Siwy present Virgin Sacrifices event on April 12, 2014 in Coachella, California.
Photo by Araya Diaz

Photos of a topless Scout Willis are making the Internet rounds today, as Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s daughter wanted to make a stand against Instagram censorship. Willis was photographed strolling through Manhattan bare-chested, while a child could be seen in the background, holding an adult’s hand following close behind. Willis wouldn’t be in danger of legal trouble, as New York City is one of many places in the USA that allows women to appear topless in public, provided they are not engaging in any criminal activity. Willis shared the not-safe-for-work (NSFW) topless photos on her official Twitter account with the hashtag #freethenipple and has dedicated her cover photo as well as profile picture to the cause. Under one of Willis’ topless photos is the caption, “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram.”

Choosing to walk around bare-breasted or topless can get a woman in a heap of trouble, depending upon the city where she resides. While Scout Willis is unlikely to face legal consequences for her stroll, another recent case made headlines when a photographer was sued for photographing a topless model atop the Empire State Building. Warning, the following link contains topless photos Huffington Post: Allen Henson, Photographer, Sued over Topless Photos The site Go follows breaking news regarding topless laws throughout the United States and offers a petition for citizens to sign demanding the right for women to walk topless in their communities.

Scout Willis expressed sentiments regarding those who may be offended at her stand for topless equality and stated on Twitter, “My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone. If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me.”

What do you think about Scout Willis’ protest? Do you fell women should have equal rights to walk topless? How do you think topless laws affect breastfeeding mothers? Should mothers be required to cover themselves when breastfeeding in public?

Please feel free to share your comments, opinions or concerns below.

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