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Photos of ‘Big Brother 16’ house released: Earth, air, fire, water represented

Photos of ‘Big Brother 16’ house released: Earth, air, fire and wind represented
Photos of ‘Big Brother 16’ house released: Earth, air, fire and wind represented
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

The “Big Brother 16” houseguests will live in an element-themed house this summer. Earth, air, fire and water are represented in the decoration and furnishing of this season’s “Big Brother” house.

Photos of the new “Big Brother 16” house were released by CBS on Wednesday, June 18 and from the looks of it the “Have Not” room will be the most uncomfortable, just as it has in past seasons. The “Have Not” room appears to represent the element of water, but in its frozen form. The photo of the “Have Not” room leads fans to believe that the houseguests who lose luxury challenges will spend several uncomfortable nights in an ice cold room.

One of the other "Big Brother 16" bedrooms appears to represent the element of fire, decorated with bedspreads that have flames on them. In one photo a wall is shown with the words in case of emergency great the glass. The bedroom also has a fire truck poised on one of the dressers and the colors red and yellow are used throughout the room.

The “Memory Wall” has been replaced with two very large screen televisions. In the past this wall contained photos of all the incoming “Big Brother” houseguests and as each was evicted their color photo would go to black and white. When a houseguest’s photo changed from color to black and white it indicated that the houseguest had been evicted.

The kitchen and pantry area of the “Big Brother 16” house look as if they represent the earth and air element. There is a wall of what looks like fresh grown vegetables, making fans wonder if the houseguests will need to forage for their own food if they lose luxury competitions.

The area where the houseguests gather on eviction night is set up with the traditional two chairs and side couches. Given that there the new twist, two weekly “Head of Household” players and four weekly nominees, fans are buzzing, wondering if only two nominees will make it to the chopping block.
CBS will reveal the “Big Brother 16” houseguests names, photos, bios and video interviews at approximately 12:00 pm ET today, June 19. The first “BB16” of the season will air on Wednesday, June 25 at 8:00 pm ET on CBS.

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