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Photos: Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team invade Tokyo for the holidays

Floyd Mayweather announcing that he would be taking his crew to Tokyo
Floyd Mayweather announcing that he would be taking his crew to Tokyo

As seen in updates to his personal Instagram account on Saturday, Dec. 21, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and his close associates, known better as The Money Team, are presently enjoying their holidays in Tokyo, Japan.

Mayweather had given his 2.1-plus million fans on Instagram a little teaser of what was to come about a week ago when he announced the following.

“I'm taking my team to Tokyo, Japan for Christmas!”

PHOTOS: Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team invade Tokyo, Japan

A quick scan through the social media landscape reveals some recent updates from Mayweather, as well as his right hand man “The Harlem Hotboy” and his bodyguards.

In his first Tokyo photo, Mayweather could be seen posting up inside of the Mandarin Oriental, which he quickly noted is a “6 star hotel”, in his words.

Mayweather’s next picture shows him making a currency exchange in the city, but he apparently was asking for a little bit too much.

“’Mr. Mayweather, we can only take $10,000. Please put the rest back in your bag’” - Currency Exchange in Tokyo,” Mayweather’s message revealed.

It’s not secret to fans and insiders that Mayweather loves to travel during his time away from the gym.

Mayweather is expected to return to this ring this coming May 3 inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which means his training camp likely won’t start until late February or early March.

At the moment, British star and former champion Amir Khan appears to have a very realistic shot at landing the fight.


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