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Photonic therapy for your pet in the comfort of their own home

Dog receiving photonic therapy treatment.
Dog receiving photonic therapy treatment.
Chasing Dreams LLC

If you had the opportunity of easing your pet’s pain and stimulating the healing response right in the comfort of your pet’s own home, would you consider it? Chasing Dreams offers just that – therapeutic in-home care for your pet by use of photonic therapy.

“Many pets such as dogs and especially cats get anxious when making a trip to the veterinarian,” said Cathy Sauer, owner of Chasing Dreams. “The pet is so much more relaxed when able to stay in its home environment. A relaxed pet is then more receptive to treatment, and a better outcome can be expected.”

One of Sauer’s specialties is photonic therapy. The beauty of this particular therapy is that it can be administered to small pets, reptiles, horses and other farm animals, and even zoo animals.

“Photonic therapy is similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles,” explained Sauer. “Photonic therapy can be applied as a treatment for injury, muscle soreness or just overall health of your animal. It is just as effective, or in some cases more effective, than traditional medicine.”

To help you understand how photonic therapy works, it is important to first understand a little more about the body in general. The skin is approximately 16 percent of the body's weight and the largest organ of the body. Under the skin is connective tissue which will convert stimulation into electrical impulses which travel to the brain.

“An acupuncture point is an area of the skin which has an increased electrical conductivity,” said Sauer. “When I stimulate these points, I can stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals to help the body heal.”

When an injury occurs, the brain will be stimulated to heal the area at the onset. However, after two to three weeks, the brain no longer continues its healing process, and the injury or pain becomes chronic. Sauer administers single wavelengths of red light to penetrate the skin and stimulate acupuncture points. In turn, the brain is stimulated to restart the healing process.

Sauer recommends treatment for the onset of an injury once every two to three days with a total of six to eight treatments, depending upon the situation. Thereafter, treatments are recommended once a month. Again, this is dependent upon the situation, cause of injury, or chronic pain due to arthritis.

“By using this system with my clients, I have had a 99% improvement rate with pain, faster healing times and overall improvement of the animal’s health,” added Sauer. “I also work in conjunction with the family veterinarian and their recommendations for treatment.”

Chasing Dreams LLC is located in Central New Jersey. Sauer maintains a mobile office and works throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Monmouth, Warren and Hudson Counties. Sauer can be reached through her website contact page with questions and to set up a consultation.

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