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Photomiami - Best of show (for me!)


 The author outside of PhotoMiami

Finally made it through a busy week (and weekend) and got myself down to PhotoMiami. I have to say, the new venue is so much better but I really missed the classic photograph merchants this year. I understand this show has its economic drivers, but for the past two years I really enjoyed the Westons, Adams, Bressons and Kertesz.

Once I got over it, I dove into the main show. As always, The few sparks of genius are worth enduring the mediocre. I personally got enough of Bresson lookalikes whose only value is that they have been taken somewhere where you have to actually smuggle your D3 in. My sight searches for the real deal while some guy in a suit tries to convince me that there is something important about how this say so artist arranges dull prints that look like something she cut out of a magazine. His spiel subtly changes into something about "secondary market"-resale, in other words.

There were however some remarkable works, the ice images of Olaf Otto Becker, the exquisitely composed images of Jamie Baldrige, Kahn and Selesnick's epic panoramas, and from New Orleans, Frank Relle's photographs taken during the nighttime with sodium lighting that he sets up, Fernando Bayona's staged imagery and Flor Garduño's perfectly toned B&Ws.

It was worth seeing.

Huba Rostonics is a Florida-based Photographer. He is constantly looking for new things to put a frame around. You can check his work at, you can also follow Huba on twitter @